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Are you wanting to buy a house but just don’t have the down payment right now? Maybe a lease would work for now and then buy?

Are you not sure what neighborhood or schools you want the kids to go to?

Are you tired of the landlords having massive yearly lease increases?

We may just have the solution.

Get the basic questionnaire here.

Did you meet the basic requirements? Get more in depth information here.

Still interested? Get the income verification information here.

If you are wanting to move forward start here and we will send the application. Or text your name and email address to 602.910.7596

Here are also some pointers on filling out the application online.

Are you curious what they will buy for you once qualified for the program? Click Here.

And like with all programs here are some disqualifying items.

The nice thing with the “lease with option to buy” program is that you have up to 5 years to stay in the program and initiate the option, but you are only obligated to a 1 year lease and can move on without further obligation. It is worth the time to look into the program and have the opportunity to know what you can rent for or buy for up to 5 years. Home Partners of America has been helping people since 2012. If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us below.