California, the land of such beautiful landscape, amazing ocean views and beautiful scenery. How can it be that so many people are leaving California daily? Why would anyone want to leave the beautiful surroundings in California? I think for so long, the people that have run California into a massive economic spiral have thought that no matter what they did to you nobody would consider leaving California. Well I can’t say I blame the people that are leaving. The cost of living, housing expenses, taxes and burdening regulations could just possibly break any love for the state. It seems that every week the great people of California are asked to pay more to the State and really must wonder when is enough, well enough. If you are feeling this way and want to leave California, consider Arizona! Go through the page and see the amount of growth and opportunity in Arizona. Not to mention lower taxes, housing cost, regulations and gas prices. You know it is time to leave California, but it is like leaving a bad relationship, it is hard at first but then life just continues to get better! Come to Arizona and pay us a visit. Oh and by the way do not bring any of the bad policy ideas that ruined California to our great state:)


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